Full of life

Samuel Lindup’s exhibition FULL OF LIFE is currently on show in The Art Cohort exhibition space. Vibrant, vivid…literally full of life, Sam’s work is a response to the climate crisis our world is facing and is inspired by recent activism, in particular the climate strikes and Extinction Rebellion interventions. It’s certainly a vibrant response, but can we think of it as a hopeful response?

The pieces of work in the current exhibition explore nature and the damage humankind has inflicted on our planet. Sam calls upon tribal imagery to recollect prehistoric times when humans and nature lived in a symbiotic way, before industrial advancements inflicted injury on the natural world we are reliant on. The colour in the work celebrates the brilliance and beauty of the natural world.

The artist’s musings extend into planetary imagery, imagining what would we do as humankind if we had a fresh start, another planet in the universe…would we do it all differently? We all know we don’t have another planet and climate crisis is a global issue and the timelines to act are short, experts say we have less that 12 years to be able to reverse the process of climate change before we rapidly move towards human extinction. We need to work together and act now.

This show of artist work feels fresh, topical and so very of the now.  When the largest work, Nature Comet, arrived with us it was so fresh and new that the paint was still drying and that in many ways is emblematic of the conversation the artist is trying to spark.

Kat Dawe Schmeisser – 8th October 2019

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