CURRENT EXHIBITION: 3rd February – 1st March 2020

An Exhibition by Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is a painter based in Bath and mid Wales. The paintings on show will reflect his interest in colour, texture, and pattern.

He works primarily in acrylics on canvas and paper. There are two strands to the work: abstract and figurative. In the figurative work he uses ‘found’ imagery which he adapts and changes as the painting evolves, intentionally or through accident. Recent work has a strong retro, propaganda, pop influence.

The abstract work explores the dynamic between the surface structure and the paint. The aim being to create paintings that are clearly ‘painterly’ and which evidence the way they are made.

Born in West Wales, educated in Bristol, he studied Fine Art at Reading University. He lives in Bath, but works in his studio in splendid isolation in Mid Wales.

‘I like the idea of creating something out of nothing. I want to make something beautiful and engaging, something I want to look at, that pleases me and makes me feel a better person’.


phone: 07771 841919



UPCOMING EXHIBITION: 2nd – 14th March 2020

Story Telling / Telling Stories: The Chelsea Road Project
An exhibition by Andrew Brooks

Our stories make us unique and reveal what bind us together.

Andrew Brooks is interested in the connections between the subjects and those experiencing the work and the power empathy of shared experiences. This project involved Andrew talking with a 10 of Chelsea Roads shopkeepers and local residents documenting their stories to understand what Chelsea Road is, what community is and how communities are linked to places and places support communities.

Andrew Brooks is an artist, architect, composer and musician who lives and works in Bath and Bristol. His art is based in a range of mediums including paper based work, video pieces and sound installations and uses them appropriate to each project best to expose and tell stories.

Instagram: bajbart
Twitter: bajbart

UPCOMING EXHIBITION: 16th March – 4th April 2020

An Exhibition by Paulo Baigent

Paulo Baigent is currently painting abstracts in acrylics on various sizes of canvas. Born and bred in South West London, he has spent the last 15 years living in Bath. He runs an art and design company called Speak To Me Gabriel.

This exhibition, “Beautiful Decay’, features work inspired by the beautiful colours and patterns caused by decay. As a creative person, well into the second half of life, he finds much to be celebrated and treasured in the way the years work on objects and people. The search for perfection can be mirrored by society’s obsession with holding onto youth. Beautiful Decay is a statement of the value of imperfection and the depth and complexity that come with ageing.

One of the ideas of this exhibition is to provide affordable original art. There will be a number of smaller works that will be priced accordingly.

facebook: @SpeakToMeGabriel

instagram: @speaktomegabriel

twitter: @STMGBath