Current Exhibition: 29th October – 16th November 2019.


Julie Dean


There is much to overwhelm us in our contemporary world, and overwhelmingness is evident in the endemic rise of mental health issues. The statistics make for grim reading and the true cost to our friends and families is usually overshadowed by more attention grabbing headline news. Stark unpalatable facts are inclined to alienate potential audiences. Therefore award winning contemporary artist and printmaker Julie Dean sought to engage an audience in order to stimulate discussion and raise awareness of some very unpalatable data.


The use of a predatory wild animal as the malefactor, rather than mental health issues, has resulted in dark humour that quietly engages the viewer. As Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard explains, “The only tactical response to life’s horror is to laugh defiantly at it.” Humour dispels tension and is the sugar that helps to deliver the bitter pill of truth.


Please take this invitation to chuckle quietly, and think carefully, and maybe even engage in conversation about the issues raised. Julie wishes she had the answers to the mental health crisis, but sadly she doesn’t. Instead she offers the following advice, as painted on one of her cardboard placards, “Talk your way out of bear attack.”


Julie Dean is exhibiting RIGHT BEHIND YOU at The Art Cohort: 29th October – 16th November 2019.


NEXT EXHIBITION: 18th November – 8th December 2019


An exhibition by Millie Clake

Millie Clake is a textile and surface designer with an affinity for bold motifs. Her hand drawn designs are characterised by her unique hand, expressive use of colour, and a lively atmosphere. She received a BA (Hons) and MA for Textiles.

A modern take on timeless florals, Florescence is a beautiful combination of impressionistic prints, flowing patterns and stylised flora balanced by hand-sketched delicacy.
The story unfolds through printed velvets featuring enchanting lilies, dramatic foliage, blossoming motifs and intriguing textures. Used individually, the designs are a talking point, combining bold colours and patterns to spectacular effect. The efflorescent spirit continues through a set of characteristically vibrant colour stories, all re-told for the contemporary home.
Florescence is inspired by many trips to botanical gardens and tropical houses studying Dizzy Lilies, an irresistible mysterious flower, adorned with stripes down the middle of each slightly ruffled petal and smothered in speckles.
Botanical gardens are the kind of special green spaces that you might have in your own garden, but rarely take the time to explore and immerse yourself in. They can be self-contained little paradises, home to all kinds of rare flowers and plants collected from around the world and cultivated with tender care, along winding paths or in steamy greenhouses. A sense of calm and a connection to nature is always prominent during these visits, and Florescence gives the opportunity to bring this feeling into the home.

JOIN US for FABRIC and FIZZ, a Ladies Night to Celebrate the Exhibition

Wednesday 27th November at 7-9 p.m.