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Light and Shade

an Exhibition by Rising Artist

Olivia Anthony

at The Art Cohort
17th – 23rd October 2020

The Art Cohort
13 Chelsea Road, Bath, BA1 3DU

Artist Statement – Olivia Anthony

My collection of digital stories express the liberation and pride of black culture in various different ways. Ranging from public and private to personal and political, these creations share the same foundation but differ in the way in which they were manifested.

I have studied art throughout school, sixth form and college. Yet, it’s only now I feel I have found a creative practice that I am passionate about, and that is digital drawing. Visually, I find the minimalist style of my work aesthetically pleasing due to the complementary colour palette of each piece which brings me great satisfaction. I love how my work holds simplicity but such power.

The aspect that each piece shares is black liberation. The energy I felt while creating these pieces was excitement, love and almost desperation to share a message with an audience who needed to hear it. As amazing as it felt, it was also nerve wracking. But, I came across a quote once that read ‘art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’… I think that fits with the objective of my work. Being a mixed race girl in Bath, a predominantly white city, I never felt like I could express my voice on the issues I faced growing up black. Until now.
Though the majority of my artworks were birthed from pretty negative experiences, I want them to be a reminder to you of who we are, in the most loving and positive way. I want you to learn by putting yourself in the shoes of people who don’t have it easy, just because of our skin colour. I believe in the importance of utilising experiences like mine, as an opportunity for growth. So this exhibition is a celebration of liberation and pride, not inferiority and silence. I want you to see my work. Not only with your eyes, but with your hearts too. Feel the power and strength in each piece and take it away with you as a reminder that black and brown people deserve better.

To those who can relate to the stories behind my art, I’ve got you. Though it may feel like no one wants to hear you, speak anyway. Shout it. Do what you’ve got to do to show up as the best version of yourself which is truth and expression. Do not suppress your own voice based on the fear of how others may view you. Trust me, it’s worth the feeling of knowing you’ve made a positive impact that will be remembered.

The Art Cohort Winter Open Exhibition

16th November 2020 – 5th January 2021

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